Taylorsville Lake

I went to Taylorsville Lake yesterday. The water was down about a foot and a half. It was clear and 83 degrees. I had about the worst day I have ever had on Taylorsville. I had only 9 bites and boated 6 of them. The largest was about 14 inches. They were all on wood. I tried worms and craws and never even got a tap. I finally was able to get them to hit a crankbait in about 5 feet of water. It was one of those days. I got hung-up about 1 out of 3 casts. I decided to stop fishing for bass and give the white bass and hybreds a try. I know where there is a small hump that comes up to about 7 feet and there is a ditch at one end that drops to about 9 feet. For some reason they hang around the ditch. They were stacked up at the ditch. I hooked or had a hit on almost every cast. I went to a double 3 inch white grub. I tie a grub on and a second one about 15 inches up the line. I cast it out and just kind of slowly reel it in and drag the bottom one. For some reason the whites or hybred usually hit the one on the bottom first. Once you hook a fish reel it in slowly and usually it will run threw other fish and a second fish will hit the other grub. So you get to catch them two at a time. The fish yesterday weren’t very big about a pound to pound and a half. Several time the big one are there and let me tell you when you hook 2 4 to 6 pound hybreds, reeling them in can be work. I loss count of how many I boated. After about a hour I decided to go home. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


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