Kentucky Fishing

I decided at about noon to go fishing and am I glad I did. I went to the private lake I fish hoping for a topwater bite. I started throwing a buzzbait that I make myself in white. I can’t say they were tearing it up but the quality was great. I caught so many fish over 3 lbs I quit counting them and only counted the fish over 4 lbs. I had 2 4.5 lbs fish and my biggest was 4.11 lbs. I had a hold of bigger fish but couldn’t get them in. I had 3 fish break 30 lb braid. One of the fish was only about 4 lbs so I must have had a nick in my line. The other two were huge. The biggest fish I saw I never even hooked it came completely out of the water trying to hit my buzzbait and it had to have been one of the biggest bass I have ever seen in Kentucky. The thing I found unusual was that the bigger fish were not relating to anything. They were on flats in 2 to 3 feet of water. I can only guess they were looking for bait fish. I ended the day with 52 bass and they would average about 2.5 lbs Not bad for a afternoon fishing. I hope to get down to Herrington Lake and do some Hybred fishing in the next few nights. I will give a report later. All I can say is the Bass are biting so try to get on the water if you can. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


One response to “Kentucky Fishing

  1. Wow, Tommy…that sounds like one of those magical days. I did some large pond fishing last week. I found the same thing with an “Old Gus”. He was too wise to take anything. All the other bass where all over topwater lures. I could see him, but could not get him to bite. I guess that’s how they get that big. Thanks for sharing.

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