Stoner Creek Fishing

I decided to go the Frymans on Stoner Creek and do some fishing. The water had alittle stain to it, 80 degrees and was up maybe 6 inches with current. Most of the creek is covered in duck weed. I thought I could catch some bass on a frog in the duck weed. I can tell you that was a waste of time. I never had a fish hit it. I went up into Stroge Creek and was able to find clear water. The bass were hitting small shallow running crankbaits. I know that most fishermen don’t like it when there is bright sunlight. Durring the summer I do because it helps me locate the fish. On bright days I will mainly fish a few areas. I will always cast to shaded water or if there is current above and below riffles. I had a very good day today. I only caught 5 or 6 bass that was smaller than 10 inches. My biggest was around 2.5 lbs. The surprise was I caught 11 smallmouths and they were all longer than 10 inches. My biggest was around 2 lbs. For a small creek that is some good size fish. I ended the day boating 52 bass, so all I can say is the fish are biting. I hope to fish Elkhorn tomorrow and will give a report. Till then hope to see you on the water. I forgot to add that if you go to Stoner be sure to take bug spray, The biting bugs get real bad late in the afternoon.


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