Kentucky Fishing

Its been a while since I gave a fishing report. I am going to combine several short trips in this report. Since the weather has been like a oven I guess I’m getting old and I just don’t want to leave the air conditioning. My nephew and I have made 3 short trips to a local private lake to bass fish. To be honest the fish are still biting. We have had to fish allot deeper due to the water temperature. I have been doing allot of worm fishing. The fish don’t bite very aggressively. They just seem to pick up the bait and don’t move much. This is why you have to have a very sensitive rod to detect a bite. We have caught a few big fish. David caught a 4 lbs and I caught a 4 lbs 13 oz with allot of 2 to 3s along with them. If you can stand the heat the fish are biting.

I went to Herrington lake last night for the first time to try to catch some Hybred Rockfish. I did catch a bunch, but they were very small. Most were eight to ten inches though they were fun I like to catch the bigger ones because I like to keep them to eat. I finished the night with just 6 keepers. The water temperature was 86 degrees. I had to go down as deep as 30 feet to catch them. I was using sinking crankbaits and had to count them down after each cast. I will say it was slow fishing. If you ever want to try Hybreds just find you a light on someone’s dock and cast through it. Be sure to hang on to your rod because when they hit, they hit hard. I’m always  very courteous to the dock owners and if I see them I thank them for letting me fish. Till the next report hope to see you on the water


2 responses to “Kentucky Fishing

  1. Nice report and thanks for offering it. We always love to read what you have to say… even though most of it is B.S.!

    • Nathan I plan to come down tomorrow to fish the creek. Just to let you know I went to the College of Hunting, Fishing and Life. I have a PHD in BS. So from now on call me Dr. BS.

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