Elkhorn Fishing report

My great nephew called me wanting to go fishing this afternoon. He has never been kayak fishing. I decided to take him to the creek and break him in. The water was clear and running at 80 CFS so I decided to fish from Canoe Kentucky store down to the 127 take out. The fish were hitting in the faster water mainly above and below riffles. If the water wasn’t very fast they were in the riffles too. We were using topwater baits mostly. The fish were hitting the baits, but we were having some trouble keeping them hooked. We caught all size of fish small to some very nice smallmouth’s. I hooked the largest smallmouth I have ever seen on the creek, but like most fish stories it jumped and got away. The real surprise was that I caught 4 Hybred Rockfish. I had no idea that there were any in the creek. The place were I caught 3 of them was under the 127 bridge. The worse part and I will never hear the end of it is that my great nephew Trevor caught more fish than me. He ended the day with 37 and I only caught 30. The fish are biting so if you can, give them a try. I am leaving this weekend to fish the New River in West Virginia. I will give a report when I return. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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