Elkhorn Fishing Report

I fished Elkhorn this afternoon. The water was clear and it was running at 85 CFS. Because of the low flow I decided to fish from Canoe Kentucky down stream to the 127 take out. The fish were not biting very well. The surprise was that all the fish I caught were 10 inch fish or bigger. I caught more 15 to 17 inch fish than I can remember on a Elkhorn float. I had 2 that broke me off and lost allot of big fish. I couldn’t get them to hit crankbaits. The only thing I could get them to hit was a white Zoom Fluke Jr. They were very picky. They would only hit it two ways. The first was to jerk or cause the fluke to stay on the surface. You had to reel it fast. This was for shallow water above a ripple or just below one. The second was in a deep hole just let it sink to the bottom and let the current drag it. I would keep a tight line or watch the line to see if it was moving or stopped. Most of the time I would start to reel in and have a fish on. I believe the fish would have hit a buzzbait but I didn’t have a heavy enough rod to throw one. It was unusual that I only caught 2 fish smaller than 10 inches but it was a strange fishing day. I ended the day with only 23 Bass. I hope this report helps you. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


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