Elkhorn Creek Fishing Report

I was able to go to the creek this afternoon. I wanted to break in my new Ultimate 12. Did I break it in. The water was clear and only running at 80 cfs. I believe I hit about every rock in the creek. My biggest problem is that I pay more attention to my fishing then where I am going. If there is a rock close to the surface I will hit it. The only good thing is that while I am on the rocks I get to fish the area real well. The fish were above, in, and below the rapids. Most of the fish I caught were small, but there were enough 12 and 13 inchers to keep things interesting. I did hook 3 big fish. Two jumped a couple of times before they threw the hook. I had another that I didn’t see that was taking drag and got around a rock and broke off. I was catching them on a 3 inch shallow running minnow. (light Color) I also caught several on a new lure that Rebel just came out with that only runs about a foot under the water. I ended the day with 51 bass all were Smallmouth’s but 3. The fish are biting so if you can, you better get down to the creek. I will be leaving for Canada again so this will be the last report till I get back. Till then hope to see you on the water.


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