Taylorsville Lake Report

I went to Taylorsville Lake this afternoon. The water was alittle above summer pool. The river from Van Buren up is muddy. The water temperature was 75 to 77 degrees. I will say that I had a good day. The bass were on the banks mainly around wood. A surprise is that the bass are still spawning. I would have thought they would have already spawned with all the warm weather we have had. I only boated 23 bass but only 2 were under 13 inches. I lost allot more fish than I boated. It was one of those days went they would jump and throw the bait. I caught well over a limit of bass. ( bass must be 15 inches to be legal) The quality of fish was the best I have caught in several years. I had 3 break me off. Two of the fish I saw and I believe they were over 4 lbs. One I didn’t even slow down. I caught all of the fish on crankbaits. It didn’t seem to matter much on the color. (white, silver, chrome, light grey) Candy creek was the best creek for me but I hooked fish in about every creek I fished. The fish were at the mouth and about half way back in the creeks. I hope this information helps. I plan to fish Elkhorn next week before I go to Canada and I will give a report. Until the next report hope to see you on the water.


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