Stoner Creek Fishing

My nephew David called and said that he was going to take off work at noon and wanted to go fishing. You must understand that for about the last 10 year every time we go fishing something bad happens. Like the time we were fishing and a small dark cloud appeared overhead and it started to rain. We could see sunlight all around the cloud in a few minutes we were in a micro burst. It rained so hard that I thought we would drown standing up. When it quit we had about a foot of water in the boat and the creek was muddy and rising rapidly. Or the time I got stuck taking the boat out of the water. I don’t want to know how much equipment we have lost or broken. Besides all that we never caught very many fish.  We have not had a good day fishing in years. Well today the stars must have been aligned, because we had a great day. We started catching fish as soon as we put in. Smallmouth’s were on the rocky banks and the largemouth’s were on wood. We didn’t catch any big fish. The biggest was about 2.5 lbs. We also didn’t catch allot of small fish. They were running between 11 and 15 inches. I will say that at about 7:00 pm it was like someone turned a switch off, because the fish quit biting. We ended the day with 60 bass about 10 were smallmouth’s and the rest were largemouth’s. If we had boated all the fish we had hit or hooked and got off we would have had well over 100 bass. It didn’t matter what we were throwing we caught fish. Topwater, plastics, and crankbaits all caught fish. It appears that the fish have already spawned, but that is to be expected after all the hot weather we have been having. All I can say is that if we don’t get allot of rain the fish are biting and you need to be on the water. Till the next report hope to see on the water.


3 responses to “Stoner Creek Fishing

  1. Worst post ever!

  2. David Puckett

    I think we’re over the hump now. Fishing trips will be much better from now on. LOL!
    Fun day really enjoyed it! Ready for another.

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