Elkhorn Fishing Report

I fished from Knights Bridge to Peaks Mill yesterday. (Friday) The water was clear, low 60s and running at 400 cfs. There is allot of moss and debris on the water I was having to clean stuff off of my line and hooks allot. I was never able to get a good pattern on the fish. They were very scattered. They were in eddies and slower moving water near deeper holes. They were not hitting the baits hard, more like they were slapping at them. I missed allot more fish than I caught. My biggest fish were largemouth’s. My largest smallie was only about 13 inches.  I still caught 21 fish so it wasn’t a bad day. I tried alittle of everything top water, crankbaits and plastics. I caught most of my fish on a small white jerkbait about 3 inches long. I hope we don’t get allot of rain. I would like to try again during the first of the week. Until the next report. Hope to see you on the water.


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