Cedar Creek Lake

    Is this a weird spring or what? I was finally able to get away and do some fishing. I always love to go to Cedar Creek Lake in the early Spring. This is when I catch my biggest bass of the year usually. I went Wednesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon. I can’t say that I didn’t catch allot of fish, but nothing real big. (3lbs 1oz) I caught my fish mostly on crankbaits, But one thing I have found out about Cedar Creek is if the water temperature is above 55 throw a buzzbait some. This is what I caught most of my big fish on. The water temperature was very weird. The main lake was warmer than the creeks. (70-73 main lake 66-68 creeks) The fish were in the mouths of the creeks. I would have expected them to be in the creeks. The main lake was alittle murky and the creeks were clear. I caught 56 on Wednesday, most were in the 10 to 13 inch range with enough 14 to 17 inchers to make thing interesting.  Thursday was alittle slower I only caught 40 with the average fish about 13 inches. None of the fish were deeper than 4 feet. If we don’t get much more rain I hope to fish Elkhorn this coming week. The flow is alittle higher than I like. I like the flow at 750 fps or less. Until the next post. Hope to see you on the water.


2 responses to “Cedar Creek Lake

  1. Doug VanWinkle

    Was thinking of wading and fishing elkhorn, maybe fishers mill, any other places I should consider?

    • Just fished the Main Elkhorn yesterday. (Friday) The fish were very scattered. Caught most on a jeckbait. I fish mainly North Elkhorn from Switzer Bridge to the Forks or The Main from Knights Bridge to the river.

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