Taylorsville Lake

I went to Taylorsville Lake this afternoon. It was alittle windy, but that is normal for Taylorsville. I put in at Van Buren. From Van Buren up into to the river was muddy. The rest of the lake looked great. The lake is up a foot over summer pool. The surface temp was 71 degrees. It took me most of the afternoon to locate and find what they were hitting. The bass were on main creek points and in the first couple of hundred yards of the creeks. They were hitting crankbaits in about 4 -5 feet of water. I didn’t catch my first fish till about 5 pm. I fished till 7pm and ended the day with just 11 bass, one keeper. I lost about as many fish as I caught.caught. I will say it was a great day for viewing wildlife. I saw 4 river otters , a number of deer. For you hunters no bucks. The surprise was I saw a bald eagle in Mitchells Run.  Till the next report, hope to see you on the water.



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