Elkhorn Fishing Report

I was finally able to go fishing yesterday. (Tuesday) What a beautiful day partly cloudy and in the low 80s. I want to thank Wes for being able to hook me up with Eric for the shuttle. I had the creek to myself, didn’t see a single person on the water. Fishing started off great. I had caught 15 bass in the first mile of the creek. Things went south from there. I can’t say the fish quit biting because they didn’t. I just couldn’t boat them. I lost so many fish that I was finally getting upset. If I had boated half of the fish that I lost it would have been the best day on the creek ever. (over a hundred fish) The fish were in the fast water. The smaller fish were in the rapids were there were allot of rock. The big fish were at the top of the rapids were the calm water started over the rapids. Did I lose some big fish. I had several fish take drag. I would fight them almost up to the yak and the hooks would pull out. If you happen to be around the creek yesterday that loud noise wasn’t thunder you kept hearing. I ended the day with 46 bass. My biggest was 15 inches. I had allot of 12 to 14 inchers. I even saw a couple of pools where the fish were jumping and I would hook 4 to 6 fish but they were usually smaller fish. They were hitting small minnow lures, I was using for the most part as topwater of just under the surface. The fish were in very shallow water I don’t think I caught a fish in water that was deeper than 15 inches. The water was only running at about 150 cfs so I hit allot of rocks with the yak, but I had a great time. Hope to see you on the water.



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