Stoner Creek Report

I went fishing today with a fishing buddy (Russ) at Stoner Creek. This was the first time for Russ to fish at Fryman’s. I can’t say that we had a great day but we had allot of fun. We caught fish on crankbaits. That was the only thing we could get them to hit. We caught both largemouth’s and smallmouth’s. Russ caught a smallmouth that was over 15 inches. The water was low but clear. There is getting to be allot of duck weed and algae on the water. We finished the day with Russ catching 21 bass and I caught 26. I believe Russ could have caught more if he would have kept from answering his phone so much. Since he and his wife are expecting their first child I guess that is to be expected. I had allot of fun and a great day with a good friend. Hope to see you on the water.



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