Elkhorn Fishing Report

Sorry this is a late fishing report just been very busy. I fished Elkhorn on August 17.The water was clear and it was running at about 250 cfs. Things started alittle slow. Although at the first deep pool after the put in I thought I had hooked a Creek record Smallmouth. It took me a good while to land it. It turned out to be a 3-4 lbs channel cat Oh well. Thing started picking up I caught most of my fish on plastic or a small minnow crankbait. I did catch allot of fish in the 10 inch range this trip. My biggest fish was 14 3/4 inches. I ended the day with 44 bass. The surprise was that 10 were largemouths or spotted bass. Till this year I have never caught any Largemouths or Spotted Bass above Peaks Mill. Till the next report (hope to fish Elkhorn next week). Hope to see you on the water.



3 responses to “Elkhorn Fishing Report

  1. I have been fishing the Elkhorn for about 6 years now, and heavily the last few years. This year had been the most productive yet. In the past I have fished with just about every artificial bait you could imagine, ranging from jig and trailers to spinner baits to creature baits to grubs and finally worms. Last year this year I have caught over 20 largemouth over 19 inches long and ranging from 3.5-5.5 lbs mainly using a basic stick worm texas rigged on a gamakatsu weighted 3/0 hook. I have only fished in Georgetown from Robinson Dam to Great Crossings Dam. I’ve landed them in all weather conditions from my kayak as well as from shore. Low water and hot as well as high water with a cold front. Until this year, I didn’t know there were so many fish of that size residing in this creek.

    Glad I found this site, I will return and try to tell more locals about it!

    • Hey don’t tell too many people about the great fishing. I like not having allot of fisherman around. lol I fish the main Elkhorn and North Elkhorn from Switzer bridge to the forks. This is the first year I have been catching some larger largemouths in that part of the creek. Most of the fish I catch are smallmouths and I love to catch them. My largest this year was about 3 lbs, but there are larger fish there. One of these days you need to get Canoe Ky to shuttle you on one of their runs. They are about 6 miles each. Thats what I do. Great fishing


  2. Yeah, I agree with Tommy! Plus you’re talking about one of my favorite stretches of the creek there. I’ve probably seen you out there at one time or another.

    Tommy, when are we go fishing? Need you to teach me a few things!

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