-Elkhorn Fishing Report

I fished Elkhorn this afternoon. It was a strange fishing outing. The water was about 350 cfs and it was a little dingy. The water temperature was about 76 degrees. I suspected that fishing would be alittle hard after the cold front. It seems that cold fronts hurt fishing in creeks more than lakes. The afternoon start very slow and the few fish I caught were very small. The fish were not biting my plastics. They just seem to slap at them. I decided to change to a small minnow crankbait. The bites and the catch improved. The funny thing was that the fish I caught were ether very small or 12 to 16 inches. I don’t know were the 10 incher were but I didn’t catch any. I finished the day with 45 bass. One of the fish I caught looked like a meanmouth. Fishing should improve in the next few days. I hope it doesn’t rain too much over the weekend I would like to fish Elkhorn early next week. I’m going to fish Stoner tomorrow with my nephew. We are going to fish below the dam at Fryman’s he has a friend that lets us put in. If I go I will post a report for Stoner Creek. Hope to see you on the water.


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