Stoner Creek Fishing

I wanted to fish Elkhorn today but it was to high. I decided to to go to Stoner Creek. I put in at Frymans. I got there about 1 pm. The water was alittle dingy. The day started pretty slow. I caught a few fish on a zoom vibe craw. Around 4 pm the fish started biting. I was casting small shallow crankbaits and the bite improved. The first surprise was that I caught over 20 smallmouths. several were over 2 lbs. This is the most smallmouths I have ever caught on an outing at Stoner.. The second surprise was I caught 2 bass on the same lure at the same time. I have done that several times in the past when fish are schooling. This time I had a largemouth and a smallmouth both hooked by the same treble hook. This was a first for me, both fish were about 10 inchers. I caught a total of 50 bass and would have caught more but Mother Nature decided to scare me off the water with some bad storms. I was able to get everything loaded when it started pouring down. I hope the creek rises some it is getting allot of duck weed. Hopefully it will wash it down stream. Hope to see you on the water.


One response to “Stoner Creek Fishing

  1. Thanks for sharing! you’ve caught alot but i guess mother nature don’t want you to take so much…hahaha

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