Herrington Hybred Rockfish

I have not been doing allot of Bass fish lately. Its just been too hot or the water has been too high. I did go bass fishing at Taylorsville lake a week or so ago. I won’t do that again anytime soon. The surface temp was 96 degrees and the air temp about the same, Too hard on a old man. I did catch some fish. We have been getting some heavy rain here in Lexington and that has kept Elkhorn higher than I like to fish. Allison calls me a low water yaker and she is right. I like the water at 300 cfs or less for the Knight bridge run, or 750 cfs for the Peaks Mill to 127 run. I hope to be able to fish Elkhorn tomorrow.
What I have been fishing for to beat the heat is the Hybred Rockfish at Herrington Lake at night. For those who don’t know what a Hybred Rockfish is, it a cross between a Rockfish (Sea bass) and a White Bass. The Wildlife Department put them waters that have allot of shad problems. The waters around here that have them stocked are Herrington Lake, Taylorsville Lake, Guist Creek Lake,and the Kentucky River. I fish Herrington Lake due to people put lights on their docks and at night they draw the shad in and the Hybreds are not far behind. This year it has been harder to catch them due to the hot water temp. Some nights I have had to fish as deep as 30 feet to catch them. If you have never caught one I can say that pound for pound they are about the hardest fighting fish that I fish for. They don’t come to the surface to fight they go deep and boy do they pull. I use sinking crankbaits or anything that looks like a shad. They and Crappie are the only fish I keep to eat. If you want to fish and beat the heat you may want to give the Hybreds a shot at night. Getting home at 4 or 5 AM is hard on old men too, but it keeps me fishing during the heat. Hope to see you on the water.


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