Stoner Creek Fishing

Due to personal issues I haven’t been fishing much, but I got doctor’s orders to go so I went yesterday afternoon. I meet my great nephew at Frymans. The water was up alittle and alittle dingy. I can’t say that fishing was great but it sure was fun. The fish were hitting buzzbaits. When bass are hitting topwater it can’t get much better. The surprise was that the fish were in the 1.5 lbs to 2.5lbs range. This is great for Stoner. Only about a half dozen were smallmouths. I know that there are larger fish in the deeper pools, still that is a great size for topwater. My great nephew end up boating 14 and he lost twice that many and I ended with 26. The difference was that I was using a 1/8 oz buzzbait and he was using a 1/4 oz. He had more hits than I did, but I caught more. It is things like that make me wonder why? Anyway I had a relaxing time with my great nephew and allot of fun fishing and I needed that. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


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