Elkhorn Fishing

I went fishing this afternoon. It is the first time in years that I fished the creek on a overcast day. I thought the fish would be hitting topwater. Was I wrong. The fish were very scattered. I had to cover alot of water. Most were in slow water never deep water and rock piles in the middle of the channel. I did catch some on the top side of rapids. The fish were running small, most in the 9 to 11 inch range. I did catch 3 that were pushing 14 inches. I was using plastics with very light weight. I also caught alot of redeyes (Rockbass). The water was alittle dingy and the creek was running alittle over 200cfp. I only caught 36 bass but still not a bad day. I will be leaving to fish the New River in WV. in a few days. It will be next week before I can give another report. Hope to see you on the water and great fishing.


One response to “Elkhorn Fishing

  1. Good luck at the New River Tommy!

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