Elkhorn Fishing

Well I finally was able to fish Elkhorn today. I had a good day I landed 47 bass. most were in the 10 to 11 inch range. My largest was a 15 inch fish. I had a number of surprises. First I caught about 8 largemouths. This was the first time I can remember catching that many on the Knight Bridge float. Second the fish were very scattered. I didn’t catch fish schooled. Third most of fish and about all of the large fish were in the slower moving water, near weeds or wood. When I did catch a fish in faster moving water it was above a ripple. The water is in excellent condition, clear low 70s. I caught most of my fish on topwater or very shallow small crankbaits. I ended the day on a bad note, I loss the last 7 strikes I had. They kept jumping and getting off. In all it was a pretty good day, alittle hot. It beat watching TV or working. I hope to get back before the weekend, if not the first of next week. With the water level down I hope to give more reports. Hope to see you on the water.


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