Kentucky River Fishing Report

I went to the Kentucky River yesterday to check out my new Bass boat. I am leaving for Canada tomorrow to fish for smallmouths. I got to the river about 1:30 pm and after running the boat decided to do some fishing. (The storms missed me.) It ended being a good day. I caught 29 bass most were largemouths, with a few of smallies and kentuckys. They were in the creeks on wood. Water temp was 64. It appeared they are trying to spawn. The bigger bass were in the first couple of hundred yards of the creeks, with the males farther back. My biggest was a 3 3/4 lb, but a larger fish broke me off. The river was in good shape, it was up only about a foot and just dingy. The creeks were very clear. You have to make long cast due to the clear water. Most fish were caught on topwater or just under the surface. Finally the Elkhorn is down where you can fish it and I’m going to be out of town. I hope to give more reports, but its hard to find water you can fish. (darn rain) Hope to see you on the water.


2 responses to “Kentucky River Fishing Report

  1. just took my two girls into some little creeks off the ky river for the first time. was wondering what would be some good baits to throw?

    • It would depend on how deep the water was. If the water is 3 feet or less I would use some kind of a minnow bait (floating rapala. rebel minnow). If the water is deeper I would throw a a deeper running crankbait. (shad rap bandit norman) I would start with smaller baits 2 inch or so. I am known as a crankbaiter so I throw allot of crankbaits. The smaller lures will get more strikes and keep the girls interested. If you want to throw plastics I like the Zoom vibe craws. I try to see what the crawfish look like in the water and try to match the color as close as possible. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I just got home today from a smallmouth bass trip in Canada. Had a super trip. Only caught 3 fish under 3 lbs and my biggest was a 5.2 lbs. It is my biggest to date. Hope this helps.

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