South Elkhorn

Aaron called and wanted to go fishing. I had to check my busy schedule, but he was in luck I was able to work him in. We decided to go to South Elkhorn. I had some concerns due to the low flow. I was right. We got hung up on a lot of rock. This was the slows flow I have ever fished South Elkhorn.  Things  started slow. In fact I was worried for a while if we would be able to boat 50 fish. Later in the afternoon they turned on. I was over due for a large number day, not any longer. The bad thing was 2/3 of our fish were dinks. Fish under 8 inches. The good news was that we caught enough 10 to 14 inch fish to keep things interesting. Aaron boated one that was over 15 inches. The water was as my late Dad would say , it was gin clear. You could not believe how many bass we saw. We had a couple of interesting thing that occurred. I hooked a nice smallmouth. It ran over beside Aaron and jumped on the left side of his yak . It then ran under his yak and jumped a couple of feet from his yak on the right side.  It ran back under his yak and I was able to boat it. Both times it jumped poor Aaron thought he was being attacked. Aaron had a first today he caught 2 fish at the same time. One on the front hook and the other on the back hook. While we were fishing Aaron and I was talking about putting a anchor system on his yak. He wanted to know where I got my anchor. I was floating along when I

suddenly asked Aaron to hold my Yak I got out and waded out in the middle of the creek and drove down and picked up something off the bottom. Aaron thought I was going to throw a dead fish at him. Would you believe I found a Kayak anchor lying on the bottom. Aaron now has a anchor. I sometimes surprise myself at what I observe. The bite was almost unbelievable by the time we got to the take out. We were getting a hit or follow on every cast. You would never believe how many fish we hooked and loss. We finished the day with a total of 204 bass we boated. It was Aaron’s best day ever. All I can say is the fish are biting, you should give them a try. Till the next post hope to see you on the water. Unbelievable day.

I forgot to say what we caught them on. The best where small crankbaits, under 2 inches. Aaron caught most of his on a small rebel crankbait . I caught most of mine on a stickbait. Color didn’t seem to matter. Anything light colored. light green, gray, silver, or chrome. I did try some mini flukes. I had a hard time hooking them. They would hit them,  but only hold their tail. Even the bigger fish would do the same. With the super clear water you could see them carrying them with the front part hanging out of their mouths. Sorry I should have wrote this when I published the post. I was just tired and didn’t catch it.


Fryman’s Boat Dock Stoner Creek

I put in at Fryman’s at about 11am. I knew it would be a little tough due to the front that had just gone thru. It took me a while to figure them out. They weren’t hitting plastics or topwater. I finally started catching a few on a chrome deep diving crankbait. when I got to shallow water they would hit a silver with blue back stickbait. They are still very scattered. I don’t understand why. Normally they are starting to school by now especially with the high water temperature.  I caught two sizes of fish. nice 10 inches or bigger, or dinks. The real surprise was I boated more Smallmouths than Largemouths. I have never done that before on Stoner or Stroge. I caught some nice size Smallies, one was a little over 14 inches. I had a couple of Largemouths that went over 15 inches. We need some rain because there are a lot of leaves and trash on the water. There’s starting to have a lot of algae too. I finished the day with only 48 which wasn’t that great. If we get a cloudy day I may try to get down and try some frogging. That about the only way I will be able to fish till we get some high water. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

Stoner Creek

I haven’t been doing a lot of fishing because I have some kind of bug I can’t seen to kick. I got tired of laying around the house and decided to  run down to Stoner for the afternoon. My nephew David had a great day Sunday, I was hoping for the same. It turned out to be tough fishing. I tried about everything. Shallow stickbaits, deep crankbaits, craws, worms, (yes I said worms) and even buzzbaits. I caught a few fish on everything.  The fish were scattered. I caught some shallow and some near the the bottom. At around 7pm I started to catch some decent fish on a buzzbait. I caught a 4.1 and a 3.0 in 3 cast. I was using my Gopro but I didn’t know my battery had crashed and I didn’t get any video of either. I did take some pictures. The water is very clear because you can see the bottom in 3 to 4 feet of water. I finished the day with only 28 fish. One good thing was almost half of my fish were Smallmouth’s. My biggest was 13.5 inches. The Smallmouth seem to be improving in Stoner and I believe that is a good thing. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

ps I should have a youtube video of yesterday up soon.


South Elkhorn

My buddy Dean has been after me for a while to take him fishing. We have been rained or better, flooded out several times. We finally got together today. It was a tough day. The flow was a little high when we started. 155 cfs that the highest I have ever fished South Elkhorn. There was a heavy shower that hit downtown and west Lexington last night that caused Town branch to rise. The problem was that the creek was falling fast while we were there. When we got off the Creek the flow was 91 cfs. We still caught fish. They were running smaller than the last trip most were in the 9 to 13 inch range, with a few dinks. We missed a lot more fish than we boated. We did catch a couple of fish that were pushing 15 inches. The water was very clear and you couldn’t believe how many fish we saw following our lures. We caught our fish on chrome 2 inch stickbaits and shiny small crankbaits. Poor Dean was some cheap entertainment. He has only fished from a Kayak 2 other times. It was a good thing it was a hot day. He fell into the creek while trying to get in the yak when we started. Later he somehow managed to hit a log in a rapid and guess what he went in again. He kept me busy locating rods and picking up items floating away. It actually felt good to wade and cool off. We finished the day with 90 bass. We would have caught a few more, but the storms started get close so we decided to paddle out. We still got wet, but no lightning. The creek is in great shape and should be for the weekend. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

South Elkhorn

South Elkhorn was clear with just a touch of color. It was flowing at 100 cfs which is about perfect. David and I put in at about 11 am. Things started slow. I was using a silver and black stickbait and David was throwing a buzzbait. The first mile or so of our float the creek  has a sand bottom and I never catch a lot of fish. David was having quit a few blowups and he would boat a few fish. When we finally found the fish they were in current with big logs or a lot of big rocks. They seemed to turn on at around 5 pm.  David had one my days that I have had lately. He missed and loss 2 or 3 times more fish that he boated. We  did change around our lures a few times. David’s best lure was a deep diving crankbait that was chrome and black. I tried a small silver and blue deep diver and a medium diver in crayfish color. They all caught fish. The vasts majority of our fish were in the 11 to 14 inch range. We didn’t catch a lot of dinks. David boated one fish that was pushing 15 inches.  The water temp has diffidently dropped. I managed to  drop my sunglasses in about a foot and a half of water. I waded out and retrieved them and the water was cool. We each had a fish break us off so we gave a couple of lures to the Creek god.  We finished the day with a total of 118 fish. The unusual thing was 5 of our fish were largemouths.  I caught 4 of them. I don’t think I have had that many total in all the times I have fished the creek.  The fish are biting so you need to get out. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.South Elkhorn 6-24-18

Elkhorn Creek Report

Finally I was able to fish Elkhorn. The flow was a little over 200 cfs and clear. Prefect. I put in at Knights Bridge and fished down to Canoe Kentucky. It was very hot, but thank goodness there was a little breeze. Much better than last Sunday when David and I like to have burn up.  I started with a shallow stickbait and it was a great choice. Silver and Chrome.  I had a super, but terrible day. The fish were hitting like crazy. The problem was I couldn’t keep them hooked. They would hit and after I set the hook they would just go crazy. Jumping and tail walking. The water at this flow is pretty fast and they would go to the most current and pull off. I loss twice as many fish as I boated. The fish only came in two sizes. Little dinks or 10 to 14 inches. luckily I boated mostly the 10 to 14 inchers.   They were in current with chunk rock and there seemed to be more at the top or bottom of a rapid. Some of my biggest fish came out of very small eddies very close to swift water. There is some moss that caused a minor problem. If you can get down before the rain starts you should have a great time.  I finished the day with 54 fish boated, not bad but should have been much better. Till the next post hope to see you on the water or at my Fishing Class Saturday.Elkhorn 6-19-18

Stoner Creek

BOY was it hot. David and I  got on the water  at about 10am. The bad news was David had to be off the water by 4pm he had to go to work.  To say this was a frustrating day would be a understatement. It was already very warm when we started.. The water was up about 6 inches with good current and the water was a little dingy. We started with buzzbaits. I was able to boat 5 fish, David had some hits, but no hookups. We changed to crankbaits. David went to a bait that would dive down to about 4 feet. I went to a stickbait that would dive to a couple of feet. We will never know how many fish we missed. For some reason we had a hard time keeping them hooked. When we got to deeper water David started using a Creature bait and I started using a Zoom Craw.  The fish were shallow in heavy cover. I hooked and loss 5 of the biggest fish I have ever hooked in Stoner. I had 2 break 17#  Silver Thread. The first one I hooked was so big I couldn’t get it to come up. I guess I had my drag too tight and it broke off. We saw the other 4 because I was able to get them to the surface. All were 3#s or bigger. For a creek those are big fish. By the way if some time around 2pm you may have thought you heard thunder. It wasn’t, it was me venting because you will never know how many fish I missed on a craw. I could not keep a hook in them. I feel sorry for David I about beat him to death with my rod. I lost count of how many times I hit him in the head. I would lose a fish or set a hook so hard that I would hit David with my rod.  We have each hit each other a few times over the years in my Creek boat, but nothing like I did today. It was super hot because there wasn’t any air moving. The only saving grace was there was plenty of shade and I kept us in it as much as possible. The biggest fish we boated was only a couple of pounds. David finished the day with only 10 bass and I finished with 31 but most were small. The fish are hitting and if you can get a hook in them you should have a great day. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

PS A reminder I have a fishing class this coming Saturday at Canoe Ky. It is Kayak fishing 101. It is scheduled to start at 1pm and run to 4pm. Depending on the flow and weather you may be able to put in and fish a couple of miles down to the Ky Fish Hatchery. If you want to try a kayak this will be the perfect time. Hope to see you there.