Private Lake Fishing

I decided to go fishing yesterday. Am I glad I did. I didn’t catch the numbers I did a couple of days ago,  but the size was great.  I started with a chrome stickbait like I used before. I caught fish but they didn’t seem to be as schooled as they were. They were again quite shallow. Most were 2 feet or less. I changed to a buzzbait. I know a lot of people that will not cast a buzzbait unless it is low light conditions, cloudy or very early or late in the day. You are missing a lot of fun. You need to cast them to shady areas. You can not believe the size fish I started catching. I loss count of the number of 2 to 2,5 fish I caught. The big fish were super shallow. I caught a 2 12, a 3 3 and a 4 15 all in a foot of water or less.  I saw  guys still fishing deep and yes they will catch some fish but shallow is the way to go right now. I boated 48 bass in 4.5 hours and only caught 2 dinks.  I hope to get out maybe this afternoon but I don’t know about the wind. It is very difficult to manage a lite boat in heavy wind. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.



Private Lake Fishing

I was suppose to go fishing with my buddy Dean, but he had to babysit his grandson. I believe that’s a good excuse. I went to my private lake and am I glad I did. The fish are finally biting and they are schooling some. They were shallow for the most part, less than 2 feet. I didn’t catch really big fish. My biggest was about 2.5 lbs, but I loss 3 that were a little bigger. I caught most of them on a shallow stickbait , chrome in color. They didn’t seem to be relating to cover. I just had to cover a lot of water and when I did catch a fish I would make more cast to the area and usually catch several more fish. They were hitting great I didn’t lose many fish. I only fished for 3.5 hours and boated 57. Another good thing was I didn’t catch but a few dinks. Most of my fish were footballs in the 10 to 14 inch range. I hope to hit them again today or tomorrow, heck I may fish both days. I’m sorry I haven’t been fishing much lately. I had to fly down to my condo and get repairs made due to the hurricane and when I got back I had to replace a roof on a shed at the farm. Just didn’t have time to fish. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

Elkhorn Creek

I finally made it to Elkhorn. It was a very tough day. The fish were biting some. The biggest problem was the wind. It was blowing up the creek and made yak control and casting very difficult. I had hoped for a buzzbait bite due to the cloud cover. Never got a hit. The two  lures I caught fish on was a very shallow stickbait that was white with a black back. The second was a mini fluke. Most of the fish I caught on the stickbait was hooked on the outside of their mouth. That tells me they weren’t hungry, but were slapping at the bait. They didn’t hit the fluke much better. There were several time I set the hook so hard the fish would be yanked out of the water and sail 10 feet and wasn’t hooked. The best place I found were small eddies near some current. I didn’t catch any fish in fast moving water. If the eddie was in water that was a foot deep it seemed to hold a fish. Most of my fish were in the 8 to 10 inch range. I did boat one that was 14.5 inches. A surprise was I caught 2 Largemouths. I only boated 21 fish.  I loss 2 to 3 times more fish than I boated. I did take my GoPro but I don’t know if I have video of enough fish to put on YouTube. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


I had hoped that Elkhorn would be down low enough to fish. It’s still higher than I like to fish at this water temperature. I went down to Fryman’s. The water was up a little, so there was some current. The water temp was 70 degrees. The water was so clear, like my late Dad would say it was gin clear. I never knew were he got that expression because I never saw him take a drink in my life. I could see rocks, ledges and logs as deep as 6 feet. The only good thing was I saw structure where I catch a lot of fish I had never seen. Now I know why I catch fish there. To say it was tough fishing would be an understatement. If it wasn’t for dinks and Smallmouths I wouldn’t have caught anything. It was so bad that I couldn’t even get Bluegill to hit. Due to the clear water I saw some nice fish, but couldn’t get them to hit anything. I don’t remember catching a fish that was more than 18 inches deep. I had to make long cast because I was spooking the fish if they were within 50 feet of the boat. Because of the long cast I loss a lot of fish. I did hook a few keepers, but I never did get one in the boat. My biggest fish were a couple of Smallies that were about 11 inches.  I tried about everything and the only lure I caught fish on was a very shallow running stickbait made by Bass Pro. that was shiny. I finished the day with only 19 fish and as I said most were dinks and Smallmouths.  Till the next post hope to see you on the water.0908171355

Stoner Creek Report

I really wanted to go fish some where other than Stoner Creek. Due to Harvey that wasn’t possible. South Elkhorn was running at 300 cfs way to high to fish. The main Elkhorn was running at over 1000 cfs way, way to high to fish. Taylorsville Lake  is up over 4 feet above summer pool and I know the surface would be covered in logs and the wind would beat you bad. Stoner was only up about 5 inches.  David called and he was feeling bad (sinus)but not to bad to go fishing. We put in at about 1 pm. The creek had some current ,but was clear. I knew it was going to be a challenge. With the cold front the water temperature had dropped 10 degrees or more. I believe this kind of shocks the fish and they stop feeding. All I can say is something was wrong because it was hard fishing. We tried everything from the surface to the bottom. The funny thing was we caught a few fish on everything we tried. We never had a good pattern. The two best baits were a buzzbait and a blueish 6 inch worm. The fish were very scattered we only located a couple of places that we caught more than 2 fish. Most of the time it was one fish and then move on. Most of our fish were small 10 inchers or so. We did catch about 4 decent fish in the 2 to 2.5 lbs range. We finished the day with only 36 fish. 0904171647It looks like we are go to get another cold front to move thru late tonight. That will make thing interesting. I hope we don’t get a lot of rain because I really want to fish Elkhorn. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

Taylorsville Lake report

Yesterday afternoon I went up to Taylorsville. The water was clear, the water temperature was 82 and the lake was down about half a foot from summer pool. Fishing was super tough. I only hooked 12 bass. I was able to boat 10 of them. My big fish was only 14.75 inches. 0830171454The few fish were in the creeks. I never got a hit on the main lake. There were some shad in schools in the creeks. The big schools were around Van Buren. I tried some plastics but only got Green Sunfish bites. I went to my shad color crankbait that went down about 5 feet and that is what I caught my fish on. I did see a lot of wildlife. I had a doe swim across the mouth of Candy Creek. I also saw a number of turkeys. It will be interesting to see what Harvey does to fishing. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

Stoner Creek

I wanted to go fish Elkhorn today with David. He had one of his best friends Darren that wanted to go fishing with us but he couldn’t get to Paris till about noon. That would have been to late to fish Elkhorn. We decided to hit Stoner. The water was super clear, you could see the bottom in 5 feet of water. I started with a buzzbait in the shade. I got 4 to 5 hits and boated one fish. I changed to a shallow crankbait and caught a few fish . I tried a deep diving crankbait and never boated a fish. I decided to try plastics. I caught a few fish on a green craw. One was my biggest fish of the day at 2. 9 lbs. Darren finally started to catch fish on a dark blue creature bait.  I guess due to the super clear water they were picky about color today because I tried a number of different colors with no luck. I finally changed to a blueish purple worm and started to catch fish. Most of the time I’m

not into color for fishing. Today made a believe out of me. We didn’t catch but a few dinks. Most of our fish were from a pound to 2.5 pound. Our numbers weren’t great but that is to be excepted due to slow fishing with plastics. We boated a little less than a hundred bass. Almost all of the fish were on wood. I found one log pile were I hooked 7 bass and boated 6. All but one was over 2 pounds. The fish that got off was of course my biggest fish of the day. It was 3 pound or a little better. When I got it to the boat it got wrapped up in the trolling motor and pulled off.  The fish are biting so get out there. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.