Stoner Creek Fishing

My nephew David called this morning wanting to go fishing. He just purchased a small creek boat just like mine. He want to get it dirty and broke in. How could I turn him down We put in at 11:30. The water had a brown stain and was still running faster than usual. It was different fishing from the back of the boat and I enjoyed fussing at the Caption. It was a very tough day. We fished from the surface to the bottom. The fish were very scattered. The only lures we caught fish on were small crankbaits, 3 inch craws and a shakyhead. It was slow. We finished the day with David boating 13 and I boated 17. We never found any big fish we had several in the 12 to 13 inch range. It still beat working around the house. The picture is of David’s first fish of 2018. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


Stoner Creek

I had a few hours to kill so I ran down to Stoner and put in at a friends ramp. Things started poorly. My friend has a new 7 month old dog and she decided she wanted to stay with me.  I have to admit she was the swimming est German Shepard I have ever seen. She swam beside or around the boat for over 1/4 mile against the strong current. Every time I would make a cast she would try to retrieve it. It took me a good 30 to 45 minutes to get her to finally leave.  The water was dingy and 71 degrees.  To be honest I couldn’t find them. I tried everything. I was able to catch some on a silver stickbait and a Alabama color Zoom Craw. All my fish were good size with only one about 10 inches. My big fish of the year was a 3lbs 5 oz pig and I boated another that went 2 lbs 14 ozs. I only fished for 3 hours. The storm we had early this morning must have dumped a lot of water up creek. It seemed that the creek was rising and there was a lot of trash, limbs, leaves  on the surface. This made casting hard because I had to keep cleaning my line or lures. I wish I had a better report. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

ps The fish flopped and gave me a couple of more ozs. It was 3lbs 5ozs.

Stoner Creek Report

Just got home from Fryman’s.  Stoner was about the only water that was fishable. The water was dingy and up about 8 inches, with good current. It was a good day for numbers, but I wasn’t able to locate the big fish. So far this spring I haven’t found the big guys which is unusual. Spring is normally when I catch my biggest fish of the year. I started slow and tried about everything. Craws, deep crankbaits, topwater and finally very shallow stickbaits.  I caught a few on a medium running crankbait.  I finally found fish very shallow 2 feet or less.  They  wanted a thin silver stickbait that on a long cast would dive to maybe 2.5 feet.  Most of my fish ran between 8 and 10 inches with a few smaller. I changed to a very light action rod with 6# line. which made catching these small guys fun.  I did boat  about 15 keepers with my biggest that went 2.5 lbs. Most of the bigger fish looked like they were still full of eggs. I never saw any beds. I did talk to one fisherman and he said the he had caught one fish with a bloody tail. The water did get up to 69 degrees late this afternoon so they should be starting to spawn soon.  I only caught 7 smallmouths and they were all little. With the water temperature they should be spawning but I never found them.  I finished the day with 52 bass, as I said the numbers were good , but I wish the quality was better. The fish are biting if you can find some decent water. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

ps The smallie looks bigger because I had it close to the camera. It was only about 9 inches.

Taylorsville Lake report

Sabrina and I went to Taylorsville Lake. I just got my Bass boat back for some normal maintenance. I needed to run it to make sure everything was OK. I will be taking it to Canada in about a week and a half. Was it a tough day. It wasn’t because of the fish not biting but WIND. It was all I could do to try to control the boat and casting was fun too. We would be lucky if we could keep a cast within 10 feet of where we were trying to cast a lure. I felt sorry for Sabrina the back of the boat was everywhere. The wind was so bad that at times I had to to put the trolling motor on #4 and 5 being the highest setting. This was just to move the boat slowly.

The fish were biting some. They were very scattered and seamed to be around wood. Poor Sabrina was either hung on something on the bottom or the wind would send her lure into the weeds or trees, brushes on the bank. The good thing was the fish we caught were nice size. I boated 2 over 15 inches and the rest were in the 12 to 14 inch range, with one dink about 9 inches. We were using shad color crankbaits the ran down to 4-5 feet.  We caught fish from the mouth of the creeks to about 3 feet of water in the rear.

The water was clear except around wind blown banks and they were muddy. The water temperature was 66 degrees. We only boated 12 bass. I believe we would have a good day but for the wind. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

Cedar Creek Lake

I went down to Cedar Creek this afternoon. It was a terrible and a dink kind of day. The fishing was hard. The thing that irritated me was I could see some nice fish, but I could not get them to bite. They were very spooky. Most of the few fish I caught were dinks. I did catch a few fish in the 13 to 14 inch range that kept me interested. I tried about everything I could think of. I threw top water, not a single hit. I tried flukes . I did get a few hits, but never boated a fish. I tried deep crankbaits, I caught one fish. I even tried worms, nothing would hit. The only bait I could get hits and catch fish on was a silver and black stickbait. A lot of the fish I caught were hooked on the outside of the mouth. This tells me that they were just slapping at the bait. The one thing that may have caused a problem is that the lake has warmed up a lot in the last couple of days. The main lake was 65-67 degrees. and the creeks were a little cooler at 64-65 degrees. This sudden warm up may be like a cold front and the fish may be transitioning. I finished the day with only 11 bass. I hope to go again tomorrow. I hope things improve.0501181510

Cedar Creek Lake

I FINALLY got to go fishing today.  I was limited where I could go. I decided to give Cedar Creek a try.  I didn’t get there till noon. This time of year and with the cold nights I have never done much good till the water starts to warm up.

The water temperature on the main lake was 58 degrees and it was very clear. The creeks were colder 54 degrees, but they had more color.  I started in the back of the creeks with a chrome crankbait that drove to about 5 feet.  I didn’t catch a fish till it got shallow and there was some current.  One of the funny thing that happened today was I seemed to catch more fish as I was leaving the creeks. Reeling my crankbait into the current instead of with the current. I never found any big fish most were in the 10 to 13 inch range. I did boat one that was about 2 1/4 lbs. I wish I had some sun shine I believe that would have improve the fishing.  I did catch a few fish casting thru the trees along the creek channel. All my fish were in the back 1/3 of the creek arms.

The unusual thing was I caught my fish in the coldest water and I caught more fish as I was leaving the creek than fishing into it. I didn’t have a great day but I was able to boat 26 bass with only one dink.  I may try to go again tomorrow afternoon.

Canoe Ky Fishing Class

Sorry there has been a slight change… The starting time for the class has been MOVED from 1 to NOON, 12PM. The class will last about two hours. Afterward you will have the opportunity to try out a kayak and fish the creek. The takeout will be at the rear of the hatchery. Sorry for any inconvenience.